About Us

Who we are ?

Our company started manufacturing baby clothes as the "Beyaz Bebek" brand in Bursa in 2012. After first starting manufacturing with the zero-age group, we grew in the market. the company's manufacturing experience increased, productivity diversity to triple tools and 2 age groups. Officially registering the "Beyaz Bebek" brand, we continued to manufacture and improve the quality of our products up to the 4 years age group.

as "Beyaz Bebek", we initially produced products for domestic market needs, then started to manufacture and sell models for the global market according to the requests from abroad. In addition, thanks to our superior manufacturing ability, we also take orders from foreign brands and manufacture baby clothes by our own brand.

In 2018, We built our factory which also includes manufacturing, R & D, Warehouse, cutting, and ironing decks. The main export regions are the Balkans, the Middle East, and Russia. With our visionary goals, "Beyaz Bebek" increases product diversity and becomes one of the pioneer brands of the market day by day.


Offering our customers a wide range of products from A to Z.
Bringing each customer together with our practical and economical solutions that are most suitable.
To increase and gain their competitiveness by providing our customers with new products and new selling options continuously and steadily.
By using our resources in the best way, with the

Why "Beyaz Bebek"?

As "Beyaz Bebek" since 2012, our only goal is to manufacture the most comfortable and healthy clothes for babies in the world.

Our gorgeous models come up in 3 stages:

- First, our R & D and design team prepare colorful and fun decals.
- Then, we choose the best quality knitted fabrics made of compact comb.
- Finally, in our high-capacity production facilities, we bring fabrics and our special designs together.

  • How can I purchase wholesale ?

    Contact us now to reach and closely examine "Beyaz Bebek"s comfortable and healthy products.
  • Do you manufacture private label products?

    In our high-capacity production facilities, we can manufacture for your brand with our expert design team.
  • Which countries do you export to?

    Besides Turkey, we offer our products for sale in many countries of the world, mainly in the Middle East, Balkans and Russia.